Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veterans Day

I don't talk here very often about my real life. But since veterans day is coming up, I thought I'd share with you a little of why it means something more to me now.

I always thought of a veteran as someone all old with a leather vest that has lots of patches. But turns out, a veteran is anyone who's gone to war. Which means I have my very own veteran now. My husband flies Blackhawk helicopters for the army and he deployed to Iraq for a year. Here's a picture of him in his tiny room.

This is how I spoke to my husband for an entire year. I would like to personally kiss the person who invented webcam.

There were so many times during my husbands deployment that I questioned why he was gone. Why did he leave me, pregnant with our 4th child, to go to some base out in the middle of nowhere for an entire year? What was he fighting a war for? Was it all worth it?

I'm sure that for my husband, he had known those answers for a while. I honestly believe he has always had a deep pride for our country and he is the perfect man to lead our soldiers in war. But it wasn't until he got home that those questions were answered for me.

It wasn't until I saw this.

My husband, the love of my life, marching in formation home to me. I knew that no matter how many sleepless nights I had, no matter how often I cried from missing him so much, it was all worth it. I felt my heart swell with pride for my country, my great state of Arizona, and my family.

This is what I remember every veterans day now. I remember the hardest year of my life and the sacrifices that so many amazing men and women make to fight for our freedom. I hope on veterans day you can take the time to think about a young soldier in his little metal box in the middle of nowhere who is there to fight for you.


  1. you are the bomb Nikki!! And we are so thankful for men like Caleb, who sacrifice more than we know!! Happy Veteran's day to you too!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your post! Thank You for sharing this part of you! It is always an inspiration to me to see others who appreciate our Vets! I have 2 little brothers currently serving, one deployed to the Arabian Sea! It is in honor of them that I started a non-profit organization

    Thank You to both you and your Hubby for all you do for our country!

  3. Thanks so much for speaking out. Your hubby rocks.

  4. Please thank your husband for fighting for our country and making it safe for my family and I. Thank you also to you and your amazing kids for helping him get through his time away, I could not even imagine how hard it was to be away from your husband for a year.

  5. We would like to thank your husband for fighting four or freedom as well. We are so grateful for your family's sacrifice. I hope to raise my boys with that love and dedication in their hearts as well.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you to your husband for all he does for our country and thank you for being the dedicated wife that it takes to support and love your soldier.

  7. Happy early Veteran's Day to your family! We're also a military family, so this is a post that hits close to home for me. Just so you know though, anyone who has served in the military is considered a veteran. A war veteran however, must see war. :)

  8. Yeah, I remember that day. You were a total wreck. But I totally get it.

  9. great post lady! we don't have a whole lot of military family, it's kind of scattered. But we have a heart for vets and have started a non profit. it's a lot of work but its so worth it when we see the guys and gals smile and know they are thought of... even after years of being ignored (sad)
    we haven't been able to do very much for the last year for our organization because the hubs was busy becoming law enforcement but thankfully my fil in MT is keeping us moving forward.

    thanks for sharing the love of your vet. we love em too!

  10. Just found your blog and reading back through it...had to comment on this post. What a wonderful piece you wrote. As the daughter and daughter-in-law of career Army officers, it does my soul good to read such. Thanks to your husband and YOU for your service.