Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My husband said to me after I showed him this redo "If you're American in the kitchen, what are you in the bathroom?"


My response sounded like this... "Hi-ya".

Here's the before picture.

And here it is after.

This project cost $36. All the supplies were purchased at Home Depot. I bought a quart of paint, some small sample paints and a 12' 1x10. I ripped the leftover wood for the trim on the table saw.

Now I don't have to yell at my kids to bring me t.p. when I'm stranded. Classy, aren't I? After I put up the shelves, I discovered my toilet is not even a little level. Weird.

Ok, so my husband has a valid argument. It does feel slightly more British now. I must not have gotten the memo about the Union Jack being SOOOOO last year. Enjoy!


  1. I think the leaning toilet of Pisa is perfect for a European bathroom.

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  3. I LOVE it!! BTW in the most recent Traditional Home mag...union jack is very in!!!

  4. your bathroom rocks .... i want one ... how did you do the *frames* ... and where did you purchase those wire boxes; i've been looking all over for them where i live (yakima, wa) and found nada ...

    thanks any help .... darlene

  5. I am dying to put up shelves EXACTLY like that in my potty room!! Can you do a quick how-to? You seriously read my mind with these shelves:)

  6. I love the baskets where you have the T paper.. Where did you find those?

  7. Groan to your husband’s joke!

    WOW to the transformation of the loo (keeping with the British theme).

    I am constantly in awe of your talent and skill and am inspired every time I visit your blog.

  8. hey what does it matter if you love it? at least it's not mauve & blue country style!
    i think it looks the neutrals and those shelves.

  9. OH WOW! I love that flag so much!!!
    And the shelves and the handy t.p...nice!

  10. I'm so impressed - your home is great looking - and each room looks like it belongs. Very cohesive. Even your boy's room is amazing!

  11. I love this and want to do the same thing over my toilet. I have one question... how did you mount the shelves?