Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday spankins

It's my 27th birthday in a couple days. It's weird saying that because 27 used to be "you're so old you fart dust" old. To me anyways. I'm still a kid at heart though. Obviously...  I still talk about farting.

Luckily for me I get to spend the day tomorrow with good friends over at the flea market at Merchant Square. Last time I went I met a couple of really fun gals who read my blog. I thought at first they were looking at me because I was trying to shove two antique doors into my car 8 months pregnant. Turns out they read my blog and came over to say hi and that they couldn't wait to see what I was doing with those doors.

Speaking of my readers, I love it when people say hi to me that read my blog. It makes me feel like these past few years of blogging have actually been enjoyed by someone, somewhere. I need this outlet. It's for enjoyable conversations with other big people. Conversations that don't consist of the phrases "for the love of all that it holy, stop licking the sidewalk" or "Someone get the scissors away from that running infant."

I guess what I'm saying is thanks. Thanks for reading and commenting and probably sometimes mocking. I'm sure I would make fun of me too if I was there. Anyways, maybe I'll see some of you tomorrow in Chandler. If so, I call dibs on anything with chipping paint on it.

And because I can't do a blog post without a picture I thought I'd leave you with this gem. (Sorry for the crappy iphone picture)

This is the chevron pin board I made a while ago. And then I promptly decided I wanted to go a different direction in my guest bedroom. That's just how life goes at my house, I suppose. I want to give it to someone who's having a little girl for their nursery. Know anyone?


  1. Happy Birthday Nikki! I ran in to you at Flancer's awhile back and felt bad interrupting your lunch to say Hi, but I'm glad I did now :). Have fun at Merchant Square - I love that place!

  2. HA! I know the feeling all too well, I'll be 27 in july! Happy Birthday hun! Can't wait to find out what your finds are from Merchant Square! I just recently started following your blog and so glad I did! Have a good birthday!!


  3. oh you want old as dust farts ha ha . happy birthday you have such good ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope you had a Happy Birthday! I was wondering about this Merchant Square you are referring to, is it in Chandler. I was trying to find info about it on the web. I'm in the west valley and antique home decor is so difficult to find out here. I've been on a hunt for old doors for months and would love to get my hands on one and some furniture to restore as well. Any suggestions?

  5. I'm decorating the nursery for our little girl coming in June!! I would ADORE that pin board, it would go SO well with our soft grey walls! Plus, I'm obsessed with anything handmade :)

  6. Happy Birthday! 27? You're just a baby! I must be really old,(I've got 30 years on you, kiddo) at least old-fashioned, because I just can't say "f--t", I call them "fluffs".
    I just found you and I've been checking out your beautiful kitchen! Good job! It looks great!
    You are very talented and funny!
    I am following you now!
    Have a beautiful spring!

  7. Happy belated birthday, being twice your age exactly, I appreciate your humor and know from where it comes. Been there done that, as it were. and don't ever let it go. Expect for the deployed husband, if you count that mine was never home because he was working, we're not really close to equal, but a shade. God Bless your family. Blogland is a strange thing, you never really know who's stopping in to visit, more than you could ever know. A birthday with friends at the flea market YES! And the extraneous gas, we call 'em fluffs here too. Smiles and best wishes from Canada. Love your blog.

  8. Where are you? Are you ok? Missing your posts and your humor! Hope all is well!