Saturday, March 3, 2012

More family pictures

I just can't get enough of my family pictures Jenna took for me. Here are my favorite shots...

This is the one I used for my dining room. Half of my kids are looking away but what can you do...

My daughter Paysen. She's 6 and super obedient. Like REALLY obedient. Like she was probably switched at birth for that baby that cried non stop in the nursery. Suckers. She is also very girly which is about the opposite of me as you could get when I was little. I remember being so pissed that my mom would make me brush my hair and wear a dress on Sundays. 

Porter's the next in line. He's 4 and a professional Mario Brother player. He wants me to play all the time and then picks up my character and throws me into the lava just because he can. Yep, that one's for sure mine.

And then there's Pierce. He is the only one who looks like my husbands side of the family. I love his dark features and sweet personality. Porter just taught him how to tease so I'll randomly get whacked in the butt and then hear na na na boo boo as he runs away. Let's hope he grows out of that one before he's old enough to date.

And lastly, Paxton. He's almost 2 and wants to be a big kid. But he can't really talk yet so he pretty much just yells and points all day. Like a cavebaby.

Here's my husband and I. He flies blackhawks for the army and I cook and clean in an apron and heels all day. Bah ha ha. Just kidding. But my project I'm doing later today is a frame for this picture. I blew it up at Sams club and Modge Podged it onto a board. I'll post pictures when it's done.

I also bought some really awesome things at the barn sale this weekend. I'm telling you, it was my kind of sale. People are FINALLY getting the industrial, rusty, metal design I've been going ga ga over for a while. I'll put pictures up of my new night stands, metal crates and bed I bought too. For those of you who came by, thanks! It was nice seeing you, sorry again for the long wait to check out again. There was just too much awesome stuff to buy!

p.s. If you want Jenna to take pictures for you and you live in Gilbert/ Queen Creek, you can contact her through her blog, Paddington Way.


  1. Beautiful family and great photos. :)

  2. Great shots. Perfect for art in the home. I am a fan of photos rather than paintings.

  3. Paysen look SO MUCH OLDER!!! Holy cats!!! I miss her and the boys.

  4. I could say lots of things cause this post was so cute, but I'll only say two....
    na na na boo boo about wearing the apron, and more importantly, thanks to Mr. GrandDesign.


  5. Awesome pictures! You guys make cute kidlets!

  6. The picture of you and your husband is so nice.

  7. love the family pictures!!! great little discription of each family member.... My oldest is like that too. Sometimes i look at him and think... "wow, i can't believe u reminded me u were on restriction... i was trying to pretend like i forgot"