Saturday, July 28, 2012


Katie@creatively living. I'm not even sure if you intentionally entered the giveaway based off of your comment, but my 3 year old random generator picked your number. And I can promise you, he couldn't possibly be more random.

In fact, when I asked him to pick a number, his first response was "Ramen Noodles". Then I said "No, a NUMBER" and he said "12". So... lucky for you and thanks to Dora, he can count higher than 10.

I'll contact you Katie, to work out the details. Thank you for all your advice on where to go in Savannah. I will definitely be hitting up some of those places.

Also, on an unrelated note, I have been getting a TON of e-mails from people asking about paint colors I've used. I'm happy to announce there is now a button on the top of the blog that has all of that info in it.

In the mean time, and because I can't leave you without a picture, here's one that will make you go "Huh?"

Yes, that is a 15 foot trampoline in my living room. Yes, my husband has been gone for training for 3 weeks and I've gone slightly mad. Yes, I can still do a back handspring, back flip. But not without peeing a little.


  1. The "peeing a little" you can attribute directly to all the children laying on the trampoline. I often silently and sarcastically thank my offspring for that little blessing.

  2. Yea! Tell your 3 yr old "good number picking!"

    Trampoline in the living room....brilliant! Looking fwd to hearing from you :)


  3. I babysat for a kid who had a giant trampoline in their house. :) Her parents couldn't decide on furniture for their formal living room with the high ceilings and their backyard was gravel. It just made sense. It's going to be something your children will always remember!

  4. So wishing I had thought of that when my kids were little. I had the perfect living room for it, and my husband was often gone for work too. I might have just left it on one end of our living room for years! Love it and looks like the kids do too! It will provide wonderful stories for them. I can just hear it, "Remember when mom...?"

  5. A girl has to do what a girl has to do!!

  6. O.K..... AWESOME mom for the trampoline in the living room!! A friend of mine once let her children play in a deepish wading pool with warm water, fully clothed in the middle of Winter -gasp! Her children, just like yours will remember that FOREVER! And congrats to Katie! :)