Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wood look tile

Let's talk flooring. If you didn't notice from the pictures on my home tour, my carpet looks like a bunch of mechanics had a picnic on it. I pretty much have a standing appointment once a month with my carpet cleaners. We've been in this house for a little over a year and I can assure you it looks like 5 year old carpet.

So... my sweet, loving, gracious husband and I have been going back and forth about what to do. I loved the engineered wood in our last house but it dented and kind of pulled away because the house wasn't level. My husband wants to do tile everywhere but I want it to look like wood.

Wood Look Tile. That's right. I'm not sure if I'm the last person on earth to know about this but I found out about 3 months ago. Porcelain and ceramic tiles that look just like real wood.

The only problem is it was out of my price range (the one's I liked were $4.00 a sq ft). So after about 3 months of searching online, craigslist, and tile stores, here are my favorite cost efficient choices.

From Build Direct. $2.89 per square foot. Here's the link.

This tile from Lowes.

But in the end we decided to go with THIS tile from Floor and Decor. The price in store is actually $1.99 a square foot even though online it says more. I bought a sample of it and brought it home. It looks AMAZING with my paint, cabinets and furniture. We are going to start installing the middle of August so forgive me if I'm not around for a while.

If you've ever installed wood look tile before and have any helpful hints, PLEASE feel free to tell me. I will be doing most of the installation myself and I'm so excited to be rid of my disgusting carpet! And don't even get me started on how excited I am to use a wet saw.

Also, I didn't get paid for this, nor do I get a discount. Unfortunately.


  1. We installed this during a project club day {} and it was a beast... leveling is MUY IMPORTANTE! and so is edging up to any lips where it might meet another tile or carpet threshold. That said, once it was done, it looks amazing and is super low maintenance.
    You and your hubby are pretty much the best team in the whole East Valley, so it will probably take you 2 hours including putting your furniture back on top, but I can't wait to see the pics!
    Good luck!
    (Your Merchant Square stalker)

  2. Never have but I'm very interested to see yours once you've finished. It seems a very good idea. I hate how my wood floors stop abruptly at the bathroom door.

  3. ahh! I've been planning on this tile for our master bath redo. Thanks for the link, going to check it out now.
    Thanks for guest posting yesterday, your house is so great.

  4. cant wait to see how it turns out! glad you were able to find it for a great price!!

  5. I can not wait to see your beautiful home with these new floors!! I hope you love them!

  6. i put this in my house a few months ago and love it! i am totally a blog stalker but i love your style! you can check out a pick i put up on my blog of the floors we put in.

    *do at least 3/32th inch grout with a rectified edge. we did 1/16 and i wish i would have listened! it makes the floor a bit "high, low" in a few spots with such small grout.

    *go darker than you originally think in grout color. for some reason it always dries lighter than it says in the box.

    *when you clean the tile when all said and done the haze is super thick and vinegar water is the only think to get it really clean.

    *the floor streaks really bad when mopping and we had to buy a hoover floor mate vac/mop to clean the floors and get a streak free finish!

    *enjoy they are beautiful!

  7. We used wood grain tile in our bathroom renovation and totally love it! No tips, we used a contractor. But if you use it in a bathroom, an underfloor heating mat is so wonderful and not all that expensive either. ... Found you through pinterest. Love your style and now following along!