Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, hell.

If I can't be on time for church, can anyone really expect me to be on time to post projects? Here's another project that I didn't finish on time. White ruffle lamp shades. I saw this somewhere in blog land and tried to find it again, but gave up after 3 hours and 1 migraine. Here's pretty much step by step instructions.

I started by serging one side of strips of fabric and then doing a loose stitch on the other side so it could be gathered. I hot glued them onto a generic lamp shade one layer at a time.

I hot glued double fold bias tape to cover the unfinished edges at the top.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Not too difficult. If you don't have a serger, unfinished edges would look cute too or you can just roll and hem the bottom. I think my sister used an old bedskirt that was already hemmed to make hers.

Sorry about the super high quality pictures. My children seem to have misplaced my camera. Probably in a toilet somewhere. I better find that before Wednesday!


  1. the shades look so cute but your lamps are kind of small. i think you could get away with slightly taller lamp bases.

  2. I agree. Except, like an idiot, I did it to two shades that only fit a chandelier or one of these teeny lamps.

  3. p.s. i love how you mention hell and church within 5 words of each other. Sounds like you may need some more holy in you.