Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Camera!

Guess what?!? I got a new camera. I'm not going to name drop, but it's a canon rebel. Oh yeah! I'm super excited, but I have no idea how to use it.

Good thing Chris at Christopher Leigh Studios is doing a workshop. It's on November 15th in Gilbert. And I am so going to be there. Here are the reasons...

1. I think the location, Shenandoah Mill, is really super awesome.

2. It's easily the least expensive workshop I've seen in a long time.

3. He works well with complete idiots like me. (I literally just figured out how to insert the memory card)

4. It's during school so I'd only have to find a sitter for 2 of my offspring.

5. I really need to exercise my brain before it turns to mush.

All my friends in the area who are reading this... assuming any of my friends actually read my blog... come with me. It'll be rad. Here's the link. Use the coupon code CLSTUDIOS at checkout to get it for $59!


  1. Congratulations!!! I love my Canon! I had the Rebel xTi and just upgraded to the T3o and love it!!! Also check out Mom of Three Boybarians blog. She has a 31 days to Better Photography posts that are awesome! I also went to Meetup and signed up with a Portrait Photography group in my area. We have a great time and I have learned so much. I just posted some photos on my blog from a recent all day shoot we had with two phenomenal photographers!

  2. great nikki. i have a nikon but i hear the canons are awsome. i also am a comlete idiot. but am in the process of taking a photo class at a local community college. it is really streaching my i am learning how to use my tripod geez! i found the book "understanding exposure " is very helpful. at 1st i was afraid of all the buttons now i am automatically changing my white balance and iso and the shutter speed so it lines up in my light meter [finding the light meter only took 2 weeks] ;).so good luck