Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Mantle and a new project

I wasn't ready to redecorate my Christmas mantle yet. I really loved how it turned out regardless of how much of a fire hazard it was with my boys running around.

So I just took off the garland, added a new pennant banner I copied off pinterest and threw some tulips up there from Joanns and left the rest.  Now that I see it in pictures though, I have to do something about the green bases on the tulips. Yikes.

I had some left over upholstery webbing from the garland (I purchased it at Hobby Lobby in the fabric section) so I made a few "red cross"  pillows for my couch out of linen look fabric from Joanns.

I've also been working on a fun gallery wall around my t.v. I saw a bunch of people frame out their flat screens with molding on pinterest and wanted to try it out. I love love love the way it's turning out. I'll post pictures soon.

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  1. Always stinkin' cute! I've decided I need, yes need, a mantle. K? Thanks. Bye.

  2. Your mantel looks so pretty. I love the tulips and the banner. I have got to pick me up some of that webbing. I see it everywhere on Pintrest and I always love it.

  3. What a cute mantle... the banner brings everything together. I will have to check out that webbing!