Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HELP! Vote for me!

I entered a contest for the best DIY of 2012 and the winner gets a $250 Home Depot gift card. The bunk beds I did made it in the top 10 and now I need your help! It's open for voting now and the winner gets the card! You can vote every day until the 29th and they'll announce the winner!

HERE is the link!

Here is a picture in case you haven't seen it.

This photo was taken by This Old House magazine. HERE is the link to my original bunk bed posting.

I have BIG plans for my $250 gift card. I plan to redecorate my master bedroom AND bath on only the $250. I'm super excited! Please vote for me! Again, you can vote EVERY day until the 29th. Please share, blog, facebook this so we can reach as many people this week as possible! Thanks in advance!


  1. That is just beautiful! Definitely deserves a vote. ;)


  2. I will pop over there right now and give you my vote. :)

  3. I voted for you! Yours definitely deserves to win. PS: We really need to get together sometime soon!

  4. I found your blog by chance quite a while ago and today was looking all over to find you. I tried looking on pinterest to find your bunk beds but wasn't able to find them. I'm going to pin it now, so I won't lose you again, lol! And I will vote too!

  5. I just voted for you-good luck!