Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ikea hack and a winner

My husband was gone this week for Panama planning meetings. I can't believe he's deploying in a month. It seemed farther away before. Anyways, while he was gone some neighborhood cats decided that they were going to reproduce very loudly outside my bedroom window at 3 am. Laying in bed, wishing I had a rottweiler, thinking of everything I needed to do that day, I decided to repaint my Ikea bookcases.

Sorry for the crap picture, my nice camera is malfunctioning. 

My husband doesn't complain about much when it comes to how I decorate, but he does have one complaint. I hate the amount of books that we have and how they look on the shelves. He hates looking for books and doesn't want me to cover them or turn them around or anything that is visually appealing. So he won this fight.

I took off the backing and attached new plywood that I had cut into 4" pieces. Next time I think I'll do it myself because the guy at Home Depot made the cuts a little crookie. And my table saw cuts like butter. And then I painted it all Swiss Coffee. It is MUCH better than before...

Why did I wait so long to paint those suckers? Now all I need is to win a certain gift card and I can finish my master bedroom and bath ;) Go vote for me if you haven't already!

Also, Kim Skinner. You won my giveaway. Congrats, I'll get you the enamel bowl soon!


  1. Oooh, much better!!! Hope the cats have settled down tonight. :)

  2. What a difference a coat of paint makes. Your bookcases look great.

    Have a peaceful week.