Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THANK you!

I won! I won the contest at Not just a housewife blog! I'm so excited to get my Home Depot gift card and redo my master bedroom and bath!

Thank you guys so much for voting for me. I really really appreciate all my readers that took the time to help me out. And the people who just plain liked the project who voted for it!

With my hubby leaving in less than a month for a 4 month deployment to Panama, I am stoked to have something to distract me and this gift card will help do just that! I am planning projects now to complete every week while he's gone and maybe time will fly by.

In other news, my 5 year old learned how to ride his bike without training wheels last Monday. So naturally, he asked us to build him a bike ramp on Tuesday. That triggered a sequence of events that ended with me designing new products for my etsy shop. Don't worry if you can't follow my train of thought. Therapists can't either ;) Hopefully I'll have it stocked up in a few weeks and introduce you to my new art and home decor!

As always, thanks for being the best readers in the world. I may be biased but you guys really are rad. Or boss. Tubular? Whatever kids are calling it these days. You guys are that.


  1. Congratualtions!! We won too, because we get to see your master bedroom makeover, which I know is going to be fabulous!
    My little guy learned to ride his bike without training wheels last week too. I was thrilled when I found a ramp at the thrift store this week because he's used one of our neighbors ramps and just loved it.

  2. Congrats Nikki!!!! I was hoping and voting for you! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Hooray and Congratulations to you! (and to your son, too!) xox