Monday, March 21, 2011

Tripod floor lamp

Have you seen this tripod floor lamp from Restoration Hardware?

Guess what? It's on sale right now! It's only $1,145! What a steal right? Wrong-o. Maybe if my husband was a doctor or something. I guess even if he was, I still won't pay over a grand for a lamp. The cheapness instilled in me since birth just wouldn't allow it.

So instead, when my sister and I were at the flea market in Chandler on Saturday, we came across an antique tripod. She graciously (we always like the same things and I KNOW she would have loved to buy it) pointed it out to me and I swiped it up for a mere $20.

It already had a hole in the top making the installation of my lamp a breeze. I purchased a nestinghouse lamp kit at Home Depot for $9.95 and followed the directions on the back of the box. The kit had everything I needed for the project.

Well, here's my rendition. I actually prefer it to the Restoration Hardware version because it's so beautifully industrial with it's levers and bolts.

I definitely want a bigger lamp shade but until I can get myself to Goodwill and find one, this will have to do.

They have a small tripod similar to mine on ebay for pretty cheap. I'm thinking matching table lamp? Found here.


  1. That is even better than the expensive one. You did a great job

  2. I actually really like this. It would be awesome in my apartment. Weird.

  3. Oh fantastic! There is an old tripod like that at my work and I'm trying to convince my Boss that I should have it to make a lamp out of it... he just didn't understand until I showed him the one on Restoration Hardware! Yours turned out fantastic and I'll use your advice for sure if I get to do mine!

  4. what you stubble across blows my mind!!! so cute!