Monday, August 29, 2011

12 days down

My husband has been gone for almost two weeks. And I'm already sick of it. I want my popcorn maker/ lawn mower/ trash taker outer back. On the bright side, I bought a plane ticket to see him. I will be spending my labor day weekend on the sandy beaches of Florida with the hubs. It's a much needed getaway. I'm starting to get my kids mixed up. It was really awkward when I tried to put a diaper on my 5 year old.

Anywhooskis while I'm relaxing on the beach, I'm going to figure out how to bring this baby into my life...

However, I refuse to spend $400 on this 5x8 rug and robbing Z Gallerie is morally questionable... to some. But mark my words. A reasonable facsimile will be mine very very soon. Muwah ha ha.


  1. At least it isn't the confederate flag, you redneck.

  2. well i have every confidence that you will bring about this rug in budget ;). have fun and be safe on your holiday ;)