Friday, August 12, 2011

Kitchen island

Well, I finished my kitchen island. Almost. I have to get an over sized outlet cover from Home Depot because I got a little crasy with the saw on one side. But that IS the power of Home Depot right?

I really love the corbels on the island. I think they really make the space. I used 3 different ones because they didn't have any that were the same in our free pile. But I actually ended up liking it more.

I know, the lighting blows, but until I get up some light fixtures over the island, they'll have to do. Speaking of, which do you guys like better? I'm planning on hanging two. This oh so popular in blog land from ikea...

Or this one from Lowes?

The cheapo in me says the one from Ikea, but I already used it in a bathroom. I feel a little unoriginal. I kind of like the idea of having a white pendant light in there to keep the white thing going. What do you think? I would actually love to use one from barn light electric but I definitely don't see myself spending over $200 on two lights. If you've never been to their site, go. I love their lighting.


  1. good job on the island. as far as the lighting i like the barn light best, but maybe you could consider a basket cage lamp those are sooo cool and different. i did a light using an iron candle holder and tied on flash cards the light on the ceiling is amazing [i know this difficult to vision]. also i plan on making pendants from insulaters.

  2. i like the one from lowes. because in the place youre using it i think an exposed bulb might be bright and in your face. but ive never seen it in person soo.. but otherwise i love the ikea one.