Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paint colors...

I've been getting tons of e-mails and comments lately about which paint colors I use for my furniture and rooms. Here's a breakdown.

Probably the most popular project was this headboard:

I used "Norway Aqua" from Walmart with the minwax "provincial" stain over the top. The stain makes the blue more green (as it does with most blues or greens).

One more furniture piece, this armoire:

"contemplation" from Home Depot.

My daughters room:

"anonymous" from Home Depot on the top (gray color) and the color "swiss coffee" from Home Depot on the bottom.

My laundry room:

"Sea Salt" from Home Depot.

My pantry and pantry doors:

"contemplation" from Home Depot for the doors and "Gobi Desert" for the tan on the walls and "Swiss coffee" for the white design.

My bathroom pallet wall:

I have no idea. It was seriously just a mixture of tons of colors I had until I got the ones I liked. I added whites to grays and blues to whites. It was madness really.

My old living room:

"Gobi Desert" from Home Depot.

My old boys room:

"swiss coffee" on the bead board on the bottom and "Gobi Desert" on top

My old bedroom:

"Gobi desert" and "Swiss coffee" for the stripes.

My old bathroom:

"contemplation" from Home Depot.

My old kitchen:

"Swiss coffee" and minwax's "Provincial" stain over the top.

I obviously use a lot of the same colors in most of my rooms. I like to paint the walls mostly neutral so I can change the feel with accent colors and I don't have to repaint everything. Plus, I don't want my house to feel like a cheap Vegas hotel where every room has a different theme. That's why I like to stay in the same color palate through most of my house.

I buy all of my paint at Home Depot (excluding the aqua headboard). I usually find the color that I like and have them paint match it to the Glidden paint. It's cheaper than Behr and covers just as good. When I paint cabinets I buy Behr paint with primer in it to avoid peeling.

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope this helped!


  1. I think you mean "contemplation" from the Behr line at Home Depot... my walls are that color and I love how the light throughout the day turns it more blue, green or grey. Thanks for sharing all of your colors!

  2. This post just reminded my about why I'm never going to care about interior design.

  3. Colton, if you don't care about interior design then why are you reading and commenting?
    Personally I love your blog! Thanks for sharing! LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of your headboard.

  4. New follower! I found you through Flea Market Style magazine. I love the red lights from Lowe's.

  5. I was sittin here on a Monday night, thinking about ideas to update the interior of my house, then I remembered you had a design blog so I've just caught up on about 10 of your previous posts. Then I realized that your new house is the same as my house! Then I realized that I will never be able to get my house to look as awesome as your house, so I'm just going to give up trying to do anything at all, its just too overwhelming! But seriously, you have the best ideas, I especially love what you've done to the kitchen Island.

  6. That's funny! Colton just got ripped a new one for being a good brother. Loyal but design impaired. : )

  7. I found your blog, blog hoppin' around. This is Eric's sister Amy, (one of your husbands old mish comps) So your house is absolutely gorgeous! I am seriously handicapped when it comes to decorating my house.