Sunday, August 7, 2011

The one that got away

A couple years ago I went to the flea market in Canton Texas. I saw a beautiful rusted iron road sign that I wanted SO bad but had no idea how to get it home. And it was a little pricey at $125. So I passed on it.

It was one of those things I regretted and thought about all the time. I almost bought another one off ebay over Christmas but again passed.

So then I went shopping a couple weeks ago at the most ridiculously expensive antique/ home decorating store in Scottsdale. I like to go places like that occasionally to make myself feel better about having the same look without spending an entire pay check for one pillow.

I had about enough when I walked into this circular part of the store that was outside. They had really cool vintage industrial things there. And that was when I saw it.

It was basically the same sign as "the one that got away". I walked over to it, took a breath, and glanced at the price tag. $65!!!! WAHOOOOOO! This baby was mine!

I may have even put a seat belt on it on the way home. I know, I'm weird. Now it sits atop my t.v. armoire in my great room.

If you're interested, they had two more!


  1. Love it that you found "it" again.

  2. that is so awesome! So excited for you!

  3. Lol @ the "seatbelt" ... something I would definately do also! So great that you finally got to take it home :)

    Suzy xxx

  4. So I have a new street sign (don't ask, I won't tell) any cleaver ideas on what I could do with it other than store it in my garage?