Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paysens birthday

My first born turned 7 today. It kinda blows my mind because I feel like I was just 7 myself. I was a huge tomboy running around with no shoes, catching critters and such. But my little girl is quite the opposite.

I love her so much. I owe a lot of my success to her. She helps me out so much so I can do this blogger/designer/mother thing. I probably wouldn't if she wasn't so good about playing with the boys and distracting them away from sharp pointy objects that could be used as weapons. She never talks back or even questions why I ask her to do things. She is a huge blessing in my life. Happy birthday Pacers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prescott Peeps

I'm not sure if I have any readers from Prescott. Well, I know of at least one...  Laura. Anywhooski, I have some great news for anyone who lives close to there. My sister Dawn is having her own vintage market in beautiful Prescott Arizona. If you've never been there I'd drive up from the valley just to enjoy the weather and look at all the Historic homes around the square. Here's the info...

I'll be there helping out and, of course, shopping. Maybe I'll see you there!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Storage war

I painted my guest bedroom when my sister was in town a month or so ago. I've been meaning to blog about it but I can't because it's the place I store things for upcoming clients. Here's proof things aren't always picture perfect.

Scary, I know. And yes, the pack in play is also full. I have to keep it locked during the day or tiny sticky fingers will inevitably touch everything in there. I also thought it would be a fun before picture so in 3 weeks when I'm done with my current clients and taking a break, I can tidy it up and it will be like a miracle makeover. Just by cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, I'm off to scrub the toilets in the boys bathroom (and most likely the wall behind them) before it becomes the breeding ground of some new incurable disease. Happy cleaning day y'all!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hello again readers!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've updated. If you gave up on me please come back. I'll try real hard to not disappoint in the next couple months. If you're wondering what I've been up to, here are my excuses for not blogging...

I had surgery at the beginning of April. After having 2 miscarriages in the last year my husband and I decided it was time to call it quits. So I am officially done having kids at the ripe old age of 27.

On to a less personal subject. My husband and I built a chicken coop. Let me tell you what a project it has been. I can rip out my cabinets and install shelving in 2 days but this stupid coop has taken FOREVER. These dang chickens better lay tasty eggs. Or if they refuse to lay, the chickens themselves better be delicious. I'll post pictures when it's all done.

I have 3 clients I'm working with right now. One project should be wrapped up by the end of next week so I'll have some great before and afters to share with you all!

And because I can't leave you without some eye candy, here are some images of my newly rearranged front room. I moved the mirrors from my hallway to the front room around my antique cupboard. And I put up some zig zag frames with pictures of my kids Jenna took.