Friday, February 25, 2011

T.V. armoire

Remember my armoire I got a couple weeks ago? Here's a picture to remind you...

Not bad, but not really good either. People complain that I can't leave stained wood alone. Now that I have wood flooring, they can't really say that right? Well, here it is now...

I used a couple of antique glass knobs I bought at Martas room in Texas as the handles.

The paint color is called contemplative from Behr. I paint matched it to Glidden so it would be cheaper and I love how it looks. I got it with more gray in it because if I ever want to put a stain on for a more dimensional look, the Minwax stain in "Provincial" always brings out the green in my paint.

I topped it off with all my vintage globes. I swiped the brown striped suitcase from my suitcase stack. Now it's about 5' tall and I'm sure it'll shrink again.

Tomorrow I'll post some more pics of my living room and the pillows I just made out of this so stay tuned.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stylish blogger

Alright, I can't get away with it again. I've been awarded the stylish blogger award and while I'm truly tickled pink, I avoid posts about myself like the plague. I'll tell you why in the 7 things about myself section.

In the meantime, hop on over to The Painted Studio. She stacked some drawers on top of each other to make a book case in a purely genius way.

Now, onto the 7 things about myself part.

1. I feel like the most abrasive person in the world. And I don't even let half the things I'm thinking escape from my mouth. I swear I should have been a man or a well digger or something.

2. My siblings have given me a complex. A spelling complex. Take the word plague for example. If I use a word I'm not 100% sure of the spelling, I have to look it up. To avoid ridicule and wedgies and things.

3. I hate dieting. I would rather die fat and happy than skinny and miserable. I want a soda at 10am every day or I don't feel as productive. My 5 year old even said the other day that "Pepsi makes mommy happy".

4. I want to move. It's my parents fault. We moved around so much when I was growing up and I've been in the same house for a year and a half. I'm going completely stir crazy. I don't care if it's even right down the road. Although I'd prefer some place in the south like Savannah Ga.

5. I really want to learn how to wake board. I've never been and I think it would be so much fun. Except there's one problem. I only doggie paddle.

6. I learned last weekend that I can't survive without my iphone. I mean... I can, but it's not easy. My 3 year old gave mine a bath with him last week and I haven't gotten a new one yet. I spent hours lost looking for things in Texas that would take me 2 seconds to find on my iphone. And don't even get me started on how much I spend at Joann's without using a phone coupon. What's the number to animal control you ask? Well, let me call 411 on my prehistoric replacement phone and then again when they give me the wrong number and then again (2 dollars later).

7. Veronica Mars is my favorite t.v. show ever. I actually feel like I'm ripping off netflix because I watch it so much. How is netflix making money anyways?

I'm not going to make my favorite new bloggers do this award, but here's a couple blogs I spend hours looking at.

Melissa at Greener Grass
Cassie at Reuse Reinvent Redesign
Tanya at Percolating projects
Laura at Studio Orange

And here's a picture of me and my sister Tara from Junkrestore just for the heck of it.

Katie's master

I got to work on my best friends room a little while I was in Texas. She's going to murder me for posting this, but at nine months pregnant, it's the only time in my life I'll be smaller than her so I needed to document the evidence. I can't wait till this next little one comes!

Anywho, she purchased her furniture from this Amish colony in Texas. Which I think is really weird, but whatever toots her flute. It's SOLID and really nice and looks just like a set Pottery Barn sells.

She bought the cool piece of architecture when we went to Canton last year. It sat in her garage gathering dust until I came to visit again. And once it was up, we just stared at it on the wall for about 30 minutes.

We bought the lamps at the target by her house in Killeen. They're the perfect blend of traditional and craftsman in my opinion. The bedding is also from Target but purchased on Ebay for a fraction of the price.

Two nightstands on either side of the bed with curtains we bought at the flea market here in Chandler last year. I don't know where they're from but I saw them in a room in a magazine not too long after we bought them.

And finally the dresser. Which now that I think about it has to be completely empty because all her clothes are in the closet. What is in there, Katie?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marta's room

One of my favorite highlights from my trip to Fort Hood besides snuggling this guy...

Was going to Marta's room. Her store was only about 15 minutes away from Fort Hood in Belton, Texas and in my opinion, one of the best antique and home decor stores I've ever been to. It was FULL of the most amazing finds. I would have put almost everything in my own house. And her prices are the cheapest I've seen. She even had quite a bit of items that are harder to come by. I highly recommend going there. It's worth a couple hour drive!

It's a little hard to find because the sign is kind of small. But stick with the address and you shouldn't have a problem. The last picture is something I wanted to take home SOOOOOOO bad. I've been looking for one forever. Can't you see an oval with numbers painted on the backs? Oh well...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finished door

I decided to stain it instead. What do you think? We still have to put a track on the bottom after our wood flooring goes in. We ran out of steam after the first 1,000 square feet. I think I'll do it when my hubby goes out of town next week for his job. I'm SO glad he did this for me. Brownie points for a year!
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Super Dad.

I just got back from Texas. I have to say, I was really surprised by how well my husband handled the kids and house while I was gone. Not only did he manage to steer clear of the ER, but he also cleaned my house from top to bottom including laundry, worked on an eagle project for one of his scouts, made a pinewood derby car for my nephew, went to church and tons of meetings associated with his calling, AND drum roll please..... this is what I found in my bedroom when I got home.

I have to paint it still but it's great right!?! I had casually mentioned to him before I left about how I would really love a sliding barn door for our closet because the door opened over our light switch. DUMB. My kids were always shutting me in the closet and turning off the light. And guess how much he spent TOTAL for the project? When I had been pricing them out online for just the track at $200 to $500, he did it for a mere $70. Including the wood. What a stud right? Hopefully I can get him in here to do a tutorial for you guys.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas trip

I'm long over due to visit my best friend Katie in Texas. She's about to have her second, a little girl and her husband is away for training. I'll be in the Fort Hood area and am dying to get to some good antique and junk stores. Any good advice on where to go? I hope to find a double iron street sign like this one from Lori Miller...

I saw one at the flea market in Canton and continue to KICK myself for not getting it. I want to put it on top of my new armoire I got to replace the black console I just sold. It has some gorgeous cream chipping paint but there's just not enough to appease me. I think I'm going to paint it a bluish grey called contemplation. What do you guys think? (I still have to patch the wall by the armoire and do a little touch up paint)

Monday, February 14, 2011

BYU bedding

I had a client from Utah send me an e-mail saying she wanted some bedding for her boys. Their room is "BYU" themed and she was having a really hard time finding cute bedding. I had just as difficult of a time so we decided I'd just make them. Here was our inspiration...

And this is what I came up with...

I ran out of fabric before I could make the shams (isn't that how life goes) and had to order more. When it gets in I'll ship those to her and maybe she'll send us a picture of everything in the room. This is the first time she's seen them, I hope she likes them!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Item for sale

Media console for sale. Beautiful chippy black paint $150. Email me at if you're interested. Delivery to the valley for extra small fee.


Also, notice anything different? Like maybe the absence of disgusting tan carpet? Yeah, that's why I've been MIA for a while. I'll post more pictures when I buy a mop for the first time in my married life.