Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marta's room

One of my favorite highlights from my trip to Fort Hood besides snuggling this guy...

Was going to Marta's room. Her store was only about 15 minutes away from Fort Hood in Belton, Texas and in my opinion, one of the best antique and home decor stores I've ever been to. It was FULL of the most amazing finds. I would have put almost everything in my own house. And her prices are the cheapest I've seen. She even had quite a bit of items that are harder to come by. I highly recommend going there. It's worth a couple hour drive!

It's a little hard to find because the sign is kind of small. But stick with the address and you shouldn't have a problem. The last picture is something I wanted to take home SOOOOOOO bad. I've been looking for one forever. Can't you see an oval with numbers painted on the backs? Oh well...


  1. I, too, wanted to buy the whole store! And Marta is super-duper friendly. It was great getting to visit with you!

  2. You have been given a "Stylish Blogger Award". You can check out my blog for the details. Congratulations and enjoy!!


  3. All right. I'm inspired to head to the thrift store today! lol Of course, I wish it was THAT awesome! Your photos are like an "I Spy" for treasure hunters! :)


  4. I think you could turn those chairs at the end in a wicked awesome three-man sled. And/or death.

  5. I live in the Central Texas area.. . I am sooo going there!