Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sale this Saturday

My friend Kalli is having a huge sale this weekend at her house in Mesa. If you live in the valley, you definitely need to check it out. She is also known as decordeals on instagram and always has the most amazing things for so cheap! If you remember, I featured her house back in November. Here's the link to that.

You can find all the info for her sale HERE. The address is 916 W 10th St in Mesa. Close to Alma School and University. I just bought some awesome stuff from her and will try my dangdist to get there on Saturday. Here's a pic of some of my loot.

I also bought a couple of chairs from her I'm planning on refinishing over spring break. 

Also, I don't know if I mentioned it, but I woke up one morning last week and hated all of my stuff. So I've been selling a ton of my junk on the east valley antique group on facebook. Are you on that group? If not, you should be. They have great stuff. Anyways, I decided to redecorate Paysen's room and am excited to show you what I've done. I'm waiting for a headboard to get here next weekend and once I refinish it, it should be all wrapped up! 

Moral of this post is though, get to Kalli's on Saturday.You'll love her stuff and her prices.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Limited time on etsy and a shelf

I recently purchased some cast iron brackets and salvaged wood to make a shelf. I wanted to change up my hallway to the great room so I installed a shelf made some new art.

It's one of my favorite quotes from Thomas S Monson. "Choose your Love, Love your Choice". I decided to make a limited number of them available to order on etsy. Each sign is hand painted and distressed by me. It takes quite a while but I love painting with "Veronica Mars" or "How I met Your Mother" on in the background.

I found inspiration from subway art at Restoration Hardware and went with it. Each sign is 24" long and 12" tall. Its framed in heavily distressed wood and is available in light brown, dark brown, or distressed black wood border.

I really like the shelf in the hallway. Its too small of a space to put any big furniture in so a shallow shelf is perfect. I'm in the process of making frames out of salvaged wood that will go on the right side instead of the clock but otherwise, it should stay this way for a while. Maybe. Probably. I give it a 1 in 10 chance it'll last through the month.

You can click on the button on the top right side of my blog to get to my etsy shop faster.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring rearranging and a few projects

While I'm not so patiently waiting for my Home Depot gift card to come in the mail, I've found some projects to work on. I'm always rearranging my rooms using stuff from other rooms or my craft closet. I started moving furniture around at midnight with Lady Antebellum blasting in the background.

When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to see I actually really liked it. I thought it might have been one of those genius ideas like the one I got to TP my soccer coaches house at 2am and then had to run lines for the next month after practice because of it. But it was one of my better night idea. It didn't cost me a thing since I just grabbed stuff around my house but it feels like all new stuff. The doors were shoved in various corners around my house and the garland was from my Christmas tree this year.

I also built a bench to go at the foot of my bed. I cut off the base of a clothing rack I bought at the last Junkrestore market and beat the crap out of a piece of wood for the top. I'll show you more once my master bedroom redo is finished.

And the last thing I want to show you is a project I did with my loot from the Merchant Square flea market last week. I was browsing through the tables and found this antique flip mirror. The mirror had broken out of it and the guy selling it was like "See, I told you someone would buy the thing, even broken" He told me I could just cut new glass for it but I kindly declined. I had different plans.

Here is is now. I bought some fun necklace holders from Urban Outfitters a while ago and needed something equally interesting for my earrings. I just used cardboard, string, hot glue and fabric to do it. I love it.

Notice my bath curtain in the background? That thing was a beast to sew. I'll tell you all about it in the reveal.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Down East Store

Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I have a ton to blog about but unfortunately I'm having computer issues. I'm actually posting this on my neighbors Mac. And that alone makes me want to shoot myself. I need a pepsi after this. Anyways...

I was invited to attend a party at the new Down East store in the San Tan Village shopping center a few weeks ago. It was to promote their new store opening. I met some really nice bloggers and we shopped to our little hearts desire.

I heard about the home store opening while shopping with my friend Jen and I was ecstatic. I love their stores in Utah and couldn't wait for one to open in our area. I shop their clothing lines all the time and will now gladly purchase their home decor and furniture. Because it is is 40-90% off of national prices. And that makes my heart happy.

If you haven't been, I recommend it. Here are a few shots I took that night of items you can expect to find in store.

Give me a union jack pattern any day. This baby was metal and would look great on a patio.

I also loved this metal set for a little breakfast nook. Kid friendly if I've ever seen it.

I almost had a heart attack when I saw this set. I just purchased a 3 seater set like this when I was in Alabama. I didn't care how I was going to get it home, only that I had to have it. Any one coming here from southern Alabama that I could bring it to me? I'll make it worth your while!

And last but not least, I freaking love this cabinet. The grey, the glass, the distressing. Be still my heart. You guys seriously need to check out this store. Also, here's the website.