Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring rearranging and a few projects

While I'm not so patiently waiting for my Home Depot gift card to come in the mail, I've found some projects to work on. I'm always rearranging my rooms using stuff from other rooms or my craft closet. I started moving furniture around at midnight with Lady Antebellum blasting in the background.

When I woke up in the morning I was surprised to see I actually really liked it. I thought it might have been one of those genius ideas like the one I got to TP my soccer coaches house at 2am and then had to run lines for the next month after practice because of it. But it was one of my better night idea. It didn't cost me a thing since I just grabbed stuff around my house but it feels like all new stuff. The doors were shoved in various corners around my house and the garland was from my Christmas tree this year.

I also built a bench to go at the foot of my bed. I cut off the base of a clothing rack I bought at the last Junkrestore market and beat the crap out of a piece of wood for the top. I'll show you more once my master bedroom redo is finished.

And the last thing I want to show you is a project I did with my loot from the Merchant Square flea market last week. I was browsing through the tables and found this antique flip mirror. The mirror had broken out of it and the guy selling it was like "See, I told you someone would buy the thing, even broken" He told me I could just cut new glass for it but I kindly declined. I had different plans.

Here is is now. I bought some fun necklace holders from Urban Outfitters a while ago and needed something equally interesting for my earrings. I just used cardboard, string, hot glue and fabric to do it. I love it.

Notice my bath curtain in the background? That thing was a beast to sew. I'll tell you all about it in the reveal.


  1. Love the doors! I just noticed your vaulted & sloped ceilings... I have them as well and they are a design mystery to me. I want crown moulding but am not sure how it would look. Have you considered crown? How do you feel about it? I am having a hard time decorating my bedroom which is not symmetrical because of the ceiling and it's driving me crazy!

  2. Very pretty! Funny how people always assume you have plans to fix something back to its original state.

  3. I LOVE your earring holder! That flip mirror was perfect!