Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lots of info and a redo

My sweet husband picked up this table for me from a lady on craigslist for $50. I thought it was shorter and planned on using it as a desk but when it got here I realized it was way too tall for that. So I turned it into a buffet table for my dining room.

Sorry the picture is crappy. When I blew it up, it looked worse! Anyways, the lady had just stained it. The color reminded me of what my socks looked like after playing softball in Sedona once. Which was funny because the color was called Sedona red I guess.

I painted it Sea Cliff from Glidden. It's not one of the chips in the store but if you have the fan deck, it's on there. And of course, I used a little "Provincial" stain over the top.

I also had my friend Jenna take some family pictures for us to make this pallet art. She did such a good job! Especially considering Pax was a MANIAC the entire time. If you live in the Gilbert/ Queen Creek area and need an inexpensive photographer, she's definitely your gal. You can contact her through her blog, Paddington Way. I bet if you ask nice, she could probably even use props from my house for your pictures.

And finally, I threw my white dishes into some locker baskets I bought a couple years ago in Canton, Tx. The dishes are from Walmart of all places. Canopy makes them. They are the cheapest solution for Pottery Barn look dishes.

Also, don't forget about the barn sale this weekend. I'll be there most of the day on Friday so stop by and say HI! The address is 648 E Lehi Rd in Mesa. It's during Lehi days so bring the family and enjoy the warm weather! There will also be a rodeo, pony rides, dance, carnival and lets not forget all the good food!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Online shopping

I don't remember where I found the website farmhousewares.com, but I was instantly in love with so many things on it. Here are a few must haves on my list...

Here's the link.

Here's the link.

Here's the link.

Here's the link.

There were seriously so many other things I wanted from this website.  And did I mention how INEXPENSIVE it all is? Now those of you who live in the middle of no where, or where I'm from... Camp Verde Az, you can order cute stuff and have it shipped!

Also, I wasn't paid to say these things even though it probably sounds like it. I just wanted all my readers to be able to enjoy this website too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Glitter Academy

I'm going to a fun blogger craft night in Chandler on March 1st. It's going to be so much fun to get away from the kiddos and chat with fellow crafty bloggers.

If you live in the greater Phoenix area, you should come. If the fun night isn't enough to convince you maybe this will...

I'm giving away one of my chevron frames that night. I painted it the same turquoise color as my new shutters and I kind of love it.

In other news, I've been working on all the orders for these frames I got from etsy. So much in fact, that my normal life has come to a screeching halt and I decided I won't be making any more. Sorry if you wanted one, you'll just have to brave your own rendition. For those who did order, I'm FINISHED! WAHOO! I'll be shipping them all today so hopefully you'll get them soon. If you didn't order one and are in deep remorse, I guess you'll have to come to the glitter academy event and get this one!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A few changes and an upcoming project

I've been crazy busy around here. My sweet husband turned 30 and we had a fun stache bash for him. I went to see the Broadway show Wicked for the first time and will hopefully see it every year for the rest of my life.

My husband bought me some new chairs for my Valentines day present. I'll do a post on them soon. But I thought I'd post a quick picture to keep you entertained until my life slows down.

My kids played with the boxes they came in for 2 days. It was pure entertainment. I'm also working on a fun project for my craft/ guest/ office that involves a hammer, some nail head trim, and zig zags. Of course.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring cleaning sale

I'm doing some spring cleaning today and thought I might offer the items here on my blog to local readers. Sorry, no shipping!

Ruffled Ottoman $100

Slip covered ektorp chair from Ikea $75

Two light pink chipping window panes $80 for the pair

E-mail me at nikki_grandy@yahoo.com if you're interested!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Exterior Shutters and an injury

I started this project last Thursday and was two boards short of finishing. I planned on going to Lowes and getting the boards on Friday. Then Thursday night my husband and I went to our weekly soccer game at an indoor arena here in Queen Creek. The game was going well until....

Some chick apparently thought we were playing for the world cup and took me out at the ankle.

So I've been hobbling around for the past 3 days. And can I just say that crutches are for the birds? My husband stayed home on Friday to take me to the doctor and has been running around after the kids for me. He even finished my last shutter and laid them out for me to paint. He's a keeper.

I painted it "Tropical Oasis" from Valspar and stained over the top of it with "Dark Walnut" from Provincial. The stain makes the blue paint color more green.

I did four of them for my two windows up front. If my HOA fines me for having too bright of a color will you all send them some hate mail for me?

I also planted tulips in a little red wagon but they're not doing too hot. I think because it's too hot!

Then I  painted a mat at my front door. It doesn't function as an actual mud remover. I guess it doesn't really matter because my front yard is all hideous rock. That will all change over spring break. Anyways, the first time I tried it out it went horribly wrong...

FAIL. I figured I could paint it with regular paint and then seal it quickly but it bubbled and peeled before I could even finish painting. So I decided to use spray paint and it worked much better. They have a bigger selection of colors at Lowes and Walmart than at Home Depot. I used the same stencil on my pantry from Jones Design Co on the mat. You can download it here.

I may have gotten a little loopy using the spray paint because I got it all over the wall. I'll need to touch up that some day. It's the same size as other front door mats so if I need to change the color for a season I can just put another one right on top. I still need to apply an outdoor waterproof sealant on it. Hopefully it won't rain until I do.

And lastly, I changed out my wreath for this ruffled one my friend Jenna and I made. I got the idea off pinterest. It was really easy! That's all the outdoor projects for now. I think adding color will relieve my summer itch for a while. I can't wait for swimsuits and otter pops!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A quick craft

I did a super easy and quick craft the other day using things from around my house. I'd been needing a place to store my jewelry away from sly 2 year old fingers for a while and came up with a mathematical solution to my problem.

Old window + Burlap + Antique knobs + Chicken wire + Drywall tub = Really cute and functional.

I should have done this before. It's like inventing a casserole. Throw in all your favorite things and bake. I threw in all my favorite things and drilled.

It would be really great for a mail/ office organizer too. I wonder if you backed it with a piece of metal and covered it in burlap, if it would still be magnetic enough to hang papers and stuff up. Any of you tried that before?

* I just put a piece of burlap with a paper over the top of it on my fridge with a magnet and it worked. To quote Sid the Science Kid, "My hypothesis was correct".*

 Man, I need to get out more.