Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A quick craft

I did a super easy and quick craft the other day using things from around my house. I'd been needing a place to store my jewelry away from sly 2 year old fingers for a while and came up with a mathematical solution to my problem.

Old window + Burlap + Antique knobs + Chicken wire + Drywall tub = Really cute and functional.

I should have done this before. It's like inventing a casserole. Throw in all your favorite things and bake. I threw in all my favorite things and drilled.

It would be really great for a mail/ office organizer too. I wonder if you backed it with a piece of metal and covered it in burlap, if it would still be magnetic enough to hang papers and stuff up. Any of you tried that before?

* I just put a piece of burlap with a paper over the top of it on my fridge with a magnet and it worked. To quote Sid the Science Kid, "My hypothesis was correct".*

 Man, I need to get out more.


  1. Love it! The mail organizer would come in handy at my house for sure....

  2. My new favorite thing to add on anything is chicken wire. I hadn't thought of making a decorating "casserole" - great idea!


  3. i never see old windows :(. interesting description tho

  4. Did you just screw the knobs and the shelf straight into the wall? Actually, I don't know why I asked you a question, I never ever return to blog posts to check comments after.