Friday, June 29, 2012

Home tour 2012

Surprise! I was going to wait until July to post this but my husband and I are leaving for San Diego on Sunday. I've been working to get my house together for a month now. It felt good to tie up all those loose ends. There are rooms I've never posted about on here before and I'm excited to finally show you!

I debated about explaining each room but decided in July I'd post the particulars about each room in individual postings. So if you have any questions about the rooms, feel free to comment and I'll address them when I get to that room in July! Enjoy!

Formal Living and Dining Room

Hallway to the rest of the house

This quote is my husbands contribution to the tour... He erased the one from Pride and Prejudice I had on there. He thinks he's hilarious. I think so too :)

Guest Bedroom

Kitchen, Great Room, and Dining

Boys Bedroom

Shared kids bathroom

Girls room

Laundry Room

Master Bedroom and Bath

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I thought I'd show you guys a blog I found this morning. It's called Must Love Junk and I was drooling over almost everything in her house. Take a look yourself. Lucky for us, she has an etsy show filled with all things gorgeous. Seriously, go there.

My house is really coming along! I can't wait to show you all pictures! Just a couple more weeks till home tour time!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Home Tour plans

I will be participating in a virtual home tour the second week in July. That means I am going to be in project mode for the next couple of weeks finishing up rooms and tweaking things. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to blogging so I thought I'd post a preview picture to keep you interested.

My husband built this bench for me out of old scaffolding. I used a stencil I already had from this project to add a little interest. I'm using it as a coffee table between my two white couches. I also painted some letters on my metal side table (in the back ground). 

I'm excited to do a tour of my entire house. It really was the motivation I needed to finish some half-arsed projects that have been laying around. I'll let you know details as it gets closer.