Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flat paint

One of the nice things about buying a new house is starting with a clean slate. I've had a bunch of people ask how I did the wall in my living room. I didn't want to say because for a little while, people thought I was brilliant. Now you will all know the truth. It's not brilliance. It's just spray paint. Which is, in fact, the worlds best invention since walkman and tab. I heart spray paint.

I started with a FLAT blue paint on the wall. Then I got a stencil from Michaels. It was only about 8"x12". If there was one thing I could do differently, I would not be so cheap and buy a bigger stencil from a place like Learn from my mistake. Next, I got a HIGH GLOSS lacquer spray paint and just sprayed over the stencil. The one I used was from Walmart in the craft section but any high gloss CLEAR paint will work. I thought about doing a frosty lacquer but changed my mind. If anyone does it with frost, e-mail us so I can see the end result.

I know, so easy a caveman could do it.

p.s. the clock above the mantle..... this is what it used to look like. Black and white paint and my favorite stain later and voila.


  1. You have never had a Tab in your life. They stopped making it before you even knew what soda was.

  2. I also love the clock. You guys are so creative.

  3. That's darn clever! Spray paint and using it for stencils-much smoother look achieved-I hate stenciling-never turns out right. I have to wonder if anyone has used flocking spray to replicate 60s wallpaper? Probably wasn't a good look then!

    Props, Lady.