Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Door bookshelf


I got this old door from Tara, cut it up and made a shelf for my boys overwhelming pile of books they don't know how to read yet. When I was cutting it up a guy drove by my house and asked if I knew what I was doing with the saw. I said "No... why, is knowing what you're doing a requirement with power tools?". He just laughed and drove away. The thing I don't get is why men always seem to think I don't know my way around a garage? I'm not out there in my heels. I don't close my eyes and look away when I use a saw. What's the deal?


  1. What a fun idea. I hear ya, why do guys think power tools are just for them?

  2. Perfect! For half a door anyways.

  3. LOL Gotta love the 'men-folk' who feel threatened by a woman wielding a power tooland encroaching upon THEIR territory, 'the garage'. My favorite such story was when I bought my 4" belt sander years ago. The big and burly MALE cashier at the hardware store commented, "Your husband is going to LOVE this!" I replied, "I'm buying it for ME." Complete silence.

    Looking forward to further exploring your blog. always fun to meet like-minded folks.


  4. love your blog-you girls crack me up...you sounds just like me & my 4 sisters!! lol.
    *ps: where in az are you? we're in mesa. you up north?