Thursday, February 25, 2010

Patton's nursery

I've been working on the new nursery/ guest room/ craft storage room. It's the last room in the house so it's kind of a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a spot.

My favorite thing in this room so far is the World Atlas pages from 1912 I put above the chair rail. They were almost disintegrating in my hands as I put the double sided tape on the backs. I was going to use glue but with how often I change my decorations I decided against it.

My husband and I bought this house new so all the walls were white and at my mercy. We had only been in the house for a little over a month when he left for this deployment so when he gets home, he'll have a new baby and hopefully a completely decorated house to come home to. He might even be more excited about the fact that he won't have to paint a single wall than the new baby.


  1. I love the atlas pages! It's darling. Congrats on the baby!

  2. that bookcase looks great in there, too. what's on the other wall?

  3. Ahh! I LOVE IT!! Great job!! The crib goes great. Where did you get the globes? If you come across any brownish let me know I want one for my front room. Thanks!!! Great to see you the other day.

  4. Super cute as always! I love the globes and the maps! Heck, everythig you touch ends up looking awesome!

  5. That is such a neat idea with the atlas pages! The crib is gorgeous!