Sunday, May 9, 2010

Media console

I set up my new media center and I really like it. I was worried about it being too high but I'm happy to report that it was at the perfect height to watch the suns kick the pants off of San Antonio. Yay!!!

This is probably the only sports reference that will ever be on this blog.

The floor lamp in the corner was one I got for Mothers Day too. I painted the base and stained it and stripped all the fabric off the lamp shade to nak-ify it. I love naked lamp shades too.


  1. Very cute! What did you do with the old cabinet??

  2. the old cabinet is for sale, if anyone wants pics go to to see it.

  3. Nikki when you guys get more pieces like this you have to put one aside for me. You know what I'm looking for! :)