Thursday, August 12, 2010

New pillows

I have never decorated my master bedroom. I've always hated it and never really had any furniture that I liked. The only guidance from my husband these past 6 years has been "no pink". So when all of blogland decided "beachy cottage" was the new cool way to decorate I kinda went with it. I'll post some pictures when it's NOT laundry day of the whole room, as for now all you get are these pillows I made. The bedding I bought was from Rachel Ashwells collection off ebay. They have pink (which I would have LOVED but was a no go from the husband), tan, a stripe and this light blue color. If you search for Simply Shabby linen duvet it should narrow down the search enough for you. It came in a really pretty package made out of the same fabric as the bedding. So when I was throwing it away, I held off thinking like the hoarder I am that I could use it one day. I used a couple boring white pillow covers I got in the as is section at ikea and spruced them up with the envelope thingy, some muslin I had, and part of the sheet I cut off of Paysen's balloon shade I made a while back. I just kinda drew the letters S E and A and a starfish on the fabric with a pencil, cut them a little bigger than the pencil marks and sewed them on. They frayed perfectly after a wash. The only thing I would do different next time is make the starfish a little skinnier and longer.


  1. They're so cute. And good job leaving the lettering off, they're perfect like this...

  2. way fun pillows! You did an awesome job!