Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

I have this long hallway wall in my house. I knew what I wanted to do with it before I even moved in. I have seen images of beautiful mirrored walls and fell in love. Lucky for me, I was also subconsciously hoarding mirrors so I had a good start. I put all of them up on the wall and they looked great except one spot.

I needed a smaller mirror and I wanted something completely different from the other ones I already had up. I spied this beauty on

It's from a company called Bailey Street Trading.They have some really cute furniture too. It got to my house in like 2 days. Which is great because I would walk by that spot a couple times a day and stare at it because it offended me.

Not any more! I have to say, it's the perfect mirror to pull together them all. I think it goes great with my antique mirrors, the more traditional new ones, or I could really see it in a modern room right above a cute night stand. Here's the link to the mirror. And here is a picture of the whole wall.

Sorry for the somewhat blurry, dark pictures. I wanted to get this up before I left for the weekend to my family reunion. Yes, 200 Finches together... in the mountains... with guns. Someone's bound to lose an eye.

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