Monday, May 14, 2012

Prescott weekend redo

This past Friday I went up to beautiful Prescott, Arizona for a quick weekend room re-do. If you've never been to Prescott, I highly recommend it. There are historic homes lining the streets surrounding downtown, something that is quite rare in the west. I would move there in a heartbeat. If I was rich.

Anyways, my client contacted me to spruce up her family and master bedroom. Here are a couple of iphone before pics. Sorry the quality is horrible.

She really just needed some new furniture, window treatments, and a few accessories. She already had so many great accessories I could work with so it made my job really easy. Plus, I had my very own assistant this time. Thanks Jenna, your math skills saved my brain from overheating.

My biggest concern for her space was the furniture in the living room. She had this particular couch set for 7+ years and with 7 kids, I wanted to find her a beautiful kid friendly sectional.

Mission accomplished. I went to my go to store for gorgeous, well built furniture in the valley... the Potato Barn. They have a new location on Indian Bend Rd and the 101 in Scottsdale. It is SO sift and comfortable. I really need it in my house actually. After that was purchased everything else seemed to fall into place.

 I bought these two live boxwood topiary's at Home Goods on Stapley and Baseline for her mantle. They were just the right size. I couldn't have gotten any luckier. We also stopped by Goodwill and bought a bunch of old books. We ripped off the covers and tied them together with jute rope. I'll be putting a bunch of these on my mantle in the next couple of days.

She wanted a coffee table like the one my husband and I built. My version was copied from World Market and I was thrilled when I saw they still carried it. The rug is from Pier 1 as well as that giant clock above the piano. This is the third time I've used a coffee table that looks like this and all three clients have had very different tastes. It's so versatile!

My favorite thing in her house were these two panoramic sheet music art pieces. I put them up above the two french doors leading out to her wrap around porch.

I also sewed a couple of quick window treatments for her dining room. They were made out of table cloths that were on clearance from World Market.

I only did a few things in the master bedroom. Her bedding is gorgeous, her furnishings are new. All she really needed was a few accessories, art, lamps and window treatments.

I loved working up in Prescott. It got me out of the heat and I was able to visit my other sister for a couple days. Krista was an amazing client to work with, so easy to please! I hope you like this weekend makeover, I've got another one coming at the end of the week!


  1. You did a great job! We have family that lives in Prescott. It's a wonderful place! I have many fond memories of visiting as a child.

  2. I love Prescott!! I actually only live 45 mins down the hill from there! The rooms are gorgeous btw!!!!!

  3. Hey, I went to Prescott too! Small world. Beautiful makeover.