Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aqua Piano

My new friend Juliette just moved back into the neighborhood and hired me to refinish her piano as a Christmas present to herself. Isn't she thoughtful? How did she know that's exactly what she wanted?!?

Here's a crappy iphone before picture.

She wanted to paint it white but I talked her into doing this great aqua color. I'm so glad I did, it's so much more "her". She is very colorful when she talks and totally cracks me up. And with all of the neutral walls I thought a huge pop of color would make things interesting.

This next picture is actually a truer representation of the color. The stain I used over the top gave it a gorgeous green hue. 

Then I was Christmas shopping and spied these UH-mazing pillows at TJ Max. They had all the colors in her room which never happens. And I just happened upon it. Lucky.

We're going out of town for Christmas so I'm going to be MIA again for a while. Sorry, but Merry Christmas to everyone!!!


  1. Hey, that is the same color that you're using in MY house!

  2. I am so in love with that dang piano! You did such a good job- I have had many compliments. Thanks again and have a good Christmas- safe travels.
    - julieete:)

  3. I ♥ aqua! Wonderful job on the piano and a truly lovely room.

  4. It's beautiful! Such a great pop of color - it looks amazing in that room.

  5. I love the piano. Looks like the same color I did my kitchen. Favorite for sure.

  6. Such a happy color. aqua looks good on your piano as well as your room color.

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  7. Christmas is over yo! Gonna need more eye candy....what are you up to?