Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ceiling tin shelves

I have a friend who makes and sells these amazing tin shelves. I got one and had so much fun styling it, I decided to do it for a girls, boys, and living room. It is seriously so versatile and would look phenomenal in any space.

She has 3 of this square style already made and ready to go for Mothers Day. She can order more tin and have a shelf ready in less than 2 weeks. She can also do light gray, cream, black, yellow, light pink and any other color with a small custom charge. It's 50" long by 8" tall by 7.25" deep and it's only $95!

This quatrefoil shelf is 50.5" long by 11.5" tall by 7.25" deep. She only has one of these available since it's made of actual antique ceiling tin. Here it is styled for a little girls room...

She is selling them via facebook at Decor Createur. If you aren't on facebook you can send her an e-mail at decorcreateur@gmail.com. She can also ship to anywhere in the US for an additional fee. Go check her out!


  1. Your vignettes are amazing! You've got skills girl!

  2. What a gorgeous shelf. Your friend is so talented. I love the way your styled the first one. It's prefection!