Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flea Market tactics

If you're from Arizona, it's likely you haven't been to many flea markets. Personally, I'm so glad it's gotten more trendy here because I love them. Like, a lot. So, I thought it appropriate the week before one of the biggest flea markets in Az, Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, to do a post with the method to my madness for a successful shopping trip.

First things first. Make a list of items you hope to find or things you need for a current project. For my ADD scatterbrain, this is absolutely crucial. I tend to just get overwhelmed (especially in large crowds like at JITT) when there's so much to look at. It helps me focus in each booth and also helps me not spend as much. This obviously excludes the love at first sight, have to have with no where to put it, great pieces that are always at JITT. Here's my list of items I'll be on the lookout for next weekend.

Now, and this is crucial, don't forget a wagon/ basket/ stroller/ husband to carry around all your smaller purchases. JITT gives you tickets and hauls away your bigger items to be loaded later but they don't do that for smaller items. I carry and cross body bag for really small items and push something similar to THIS for the impossible to shove in a purse items.

If you forget this step, you'll probably be hating your life and looking as ridiculous as this guy. Which is me after every trip to the grocery store. I'd rather dislocate my arms than walk out to my car twice. 

Lastly, bring 2 or 3 water bottles because spending all my husbands money is hard work, amiright? And remember that not all vendor accept cards so bring an appropriate amount of cash. That also helps diminish the paper trail back to the hubby. ;)

I'll be doing a post on IG spotlighting my top 10 favorite vendors and their booth numbers soon. Stay tuned!

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