Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pot Rack

My sister Dawn came to visit from Prescott, Az while her kids were on Christmas break. Like all "breaks" we took on a bunch of projects to do while our kids kept each other occupied. 9 kids and 3 adults in a 1600 square foot house meant we were cleaning or cooking most of the time though.

Anyways, she just moved into a house with very little storage in the kitchen. She wanted a pot rack to go above her island and we found this one from Ikea for $24.99

p.s. if you search for it, those fancy Sweedish folk call it a utensil rack, not a pot rack like us hillbilly's.

Using our own mothers sound logic, "Why do, when you can over do" we made a frame out of wood trimmed by molding to go around the outside. It covered the boring metal frame and added about 8 inches on the top to store pot lids.

Total this project was around $50. Which is better than the $200 one we saw at Bed Bath and Beyond.


  1. I'm from Sweeedennn.... Isn't that veird?

    This one turned out cute.

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  3. Well, this hillbilly loves not having the pots laying around, taking up counter space! Or playing musical counter top like I was. Thanks for helping, what's our project for Spring Break?