Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birshday Loot

I TOTALLY scored this year on my birthday. My husband and I aren't big holiday celebrators but I must say it was nice to get completely spoiled rotten. Even if it was just because they feel bad for me because my husbands not here:)

My mom gave this to me. It was my grandmas, I think it used to be a chemistry set or something. I just stuck some leftover sprigs from my mantel project in the beaker thingys.

My sisters and Mom went in together to get me this and tara refinished it in the same cream color as my bed.

Katie Whipple took me shopping to get this chair and window. It was nice having her visit so I could get a lot done around the house I've been meaning to do for a while.

Colton got me some SWEEEET handerpants, a book, and a frog slingshot that was a giant hit with my kids.
But probably the best present I got was Caleb telling me I can finally put in that beautiful wood flooring I've been LUSTING after since we moved in.

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