Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chandler Marketplace Flea Market

These are our finds, we both had a really limited budget but that was half the fun, finding something that we absolutely loved and staying in our budgets. It helped Nik that she found her jars for a dollar each!

Nikki and I spent yesterday at the flea market in the parking lot of one of our favorite antique malls, Chandler Marketplace. We were equally excited about the piles and piles of junk to dig through and the hot dogs that we ate for breakfast. She was on the hunt for small vintage canning jars with zinc lids to make a new chandelier over her dining table and I was basically looking for something that I couldn't afford.

What is it about a pregnant belly that invites people to put their strange hands all over you? Nik was completely molested by this Spanish lady who proclaimed that she was having a boy.

I know there are only two pics of actual junk in here. We had to document the hot dog eating. Super flattering pics, right? I did like this shelving unit made with salvage boards and an old window.

Also, I loved this bench made out of one of those old Jenny Lind cribs. I see those ugly things at thrift stores all the time, and I could actually tolerate it if it didn't resemble a crib any more at all.


  1. I miss that Chandler Marketplace. I want to see you make one of those benches. Its so cute!

  2. Love going there...especially when I'm all stressed out...go there without kids and enjoy the music too. :)