Thursday, July 15, 2010


So kids have a tendency to talk like their parents. Which is unfortunate for my kids because I make up about half the words I use. So Paysen came in and told me my flower pot was "busticated". I use it when I pretend to be gangster. But I was sad because I love those potted little tulips. And I used them in a cute little holder I ripped off from Pier 1 back at Fort Rucker that looked like this.

Just to clarify, by "ripped off" I mean I stole the idea. It wasn't a 5 finger discount or anything. I just drilled some holes in a 1x3 and carved the sides down a little with a knife, cut some more 1x3's kinda at an angle and hammered them onto the top and painted it cream. With 3 of the pots broken, it looked a little ridiculous. So I just finished breaking them and stuck them in some ball jars with moss I bought from Hobby Lobby.

It adds a little punch of color to my never ending dish washing. And ball jars just plain make me happy.


  1. This made me laugh. My husbands name is Joe and he makes up words all the time. We now call it Joe-cabulary. LOL Thanks for the laugh. The flowers look pretty in the jars.

  2. Is that a little more kid proof, or just more tempting? I like it.