Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giveaway winner and light fixture

I chose a winner. And I decided to not spill the beans on who it is until after I get the prize. But I sufficiently stalked her blog and know exactly what I'm looking for.

Also, I wanted a light like this for my boys room.

It's from Pottery Barn. Which is code for cute but expensive.

So my mom found a star candle holder at a yard sale that looks just like it but isn't wired and gave it to me. Then I found one of these mini pendant light kits at Home Depot for about 15 bucks. I think they're cheaper at Ikea but it's 45 minutes away from my house.

Luckily there was a hole in the top of it that was small enough that the pendant wouldn't fit through it so the star's just kinda resting on it. I used a giant clear bulb that my handy man happened to have in his truck. And by my handy man, I mean my husbands best friend who vowed to care for us while he was deployed. Poor sucker. He didn't know I was going to do project after project to keep my mind off things! Anyways, here is the finished product. I'll post the rest of the room this weekend. I bought the coolest antique twin bed off craigslist I need to get bedding for before I reveal it.


  1. wow, that light looks great!

    Can't wait to hear who won! :P

  2. I swear up and down...I cannot tell the difference! Great job.

  3. What a fun light! I've never even seen a light like that! It's awesome!

  4. This so cute! I too love those lights...but the prices can be outrageous! Yours turned out FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing!

    Tiffany @ Easie Peasie