Monday, October 25, 2010

Apron rack

This was one of those projects that came about because of my inability to throw anything away. I had a little piece of molding about 18" long that was left over from my table project a while back. I attempted to throw it away time and time again but could never bring myself to do it. It was a good thing too because as I was cleaning out the garage a while ago, I found a plastic bag. When I opened it, I found 3 little stow aways from my junking trip to Texas. So sorry Katie, I inadvertently swiped the hooks you bought in Canton.

I made a mental note to send them directly back to their rightful home. That's when I threw them in a pile right on top of the left over board. It was like those love scenes in movies when two people see each other for the first time and cheesy music begins to play. I was in love. The browns in the metal complimented the board so well that I had no choice. Besides, possession is 9/10ths of the law... or something.

I decided to use it as an apron rack in my kitchen. Which is problematic, because I don't have any aprons. Gasp, you say? Don't worry, that's my next project.

And to make it up to my best friend for five finger discounting her hooks, I'll make her one too!


  1. From what i can see Im going to love following this blog too! Im going to make time today to go through your old posts. So many interesting photos and reads!