Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Mantle

I don't usually decorate for the holidays. My kids are lucky if I put up a Christmas tree. So when I did a demonstration for a church activity last week, I'm sure Tara was thinking "Good, you grinch". I did decorating a mantel for the holidays on a budget. I spent less than $20 and used a LOT of burlap at 50% off. I made some burlap stockings lined with tan and white striped ticking. They're really simple, which is how I like things around here. The trees I already had and just covered the bottom with burlap. You can get them already like that at Hobby Lobby though. The snow globes were from my last project and were a total hit. I think we may do them for a separate activity.

I made some sheet music thingies (Tara, feel free to edit here) and then cut out circles from thicker water color paper. I spray painted the paper with black chalkboard paint and wrote "Joy" with chalk. I already had the frames so I didn't need to buy those.

Since I was out of town last week, I took all the fixin's to my friend Ginger's house so she could set it up for me. Thanks, by the way. Sorry the mantel weighs more than Santa. I also had two tall black shutters displaying different wreaths on either side.

P.S. Tara here. I would have called them sheet music thingies as well. So good job!


  1. I am really enjoying looking at all of the decorated mantles today. You did a great job with such a small budget. I love your "sheet music thingies."

  2. Joy in the frames is inspirational, love the stockings!