Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ruffled apron

I ripped this apron off of a version Pier 1 sells. Theirs is actually relatively inexpensive but I'm too lazy to go in there with all 4 of my kids. Plus I'll inevitably have to end up buying something else that Porter broke just by looking at it. 3 year olds are talented that way.

So I'll try my dangdist at a tutorial. I don't know all the sewing lingo since I'm sort of a spring chicken having opted for wood shop instead of home economics in school.

First cut your 45" fabric into 3 or 4 strips. The size will differ depending on how many, and who it's for.

Next, roll and straight stitch one side of the fabric.

Then set your machine to do the longest straight stitch and sew a line down the other side.

Grab one string and pull, gathering the fabric into a ruffle.

Next, cut out a square panel and hem what will be the bottom edge of the fabric. Again, the size of the square will depend on who it's for, a kid or adult and how tall (or short in my case) they are.

Pin the ruffled strips onto the panel to where they cover the bottom ruffle by a couple inches.

Sew the ruffles onto the panel.

Flip the panel (now with ruffles sewn on) over and roll and pin the edges and sew a straight stitch.

Lastly, pin some extra wide double fold bias tape onto the top and sew it.

The end. Sorry if you didn't understand a word, hopefully the pictures will help guide you through my 3rd grade version. Hey, I'm not an English major. Here's my son, sporting the apron like a cape. He ran around the house all day with it on "tillin bad duys". I didn't have the heart to tell him that no bad guy would be afraid of him in this sissy cape.


  1. Okay. Its adorable. I will be proud if I see you cooking in that thing. Me? I have attempted aprons several times and end up giving them to Amber. Fail.

  2. SO need to try to make an apron, super cute! Love that Porter is sporting it!

  3. Love it... And the one at Pier One is not that cheap. I spent $30 just so I could buy two and wear it as a skirt, and now that I have typed that, I realized that it's the most expensive skirt that I own.

  4. oh how funny. yrs ago my son wore a red towel as his cape.cheapest/best toy ever. and such great memories ;). love the apron, i'm also sewing challenged. everytime i change the bobbin thread my machine gets wierd, probable has nothing to do with operator error!

  5. Yay! Your tutorial is so much easier to follow than the one I found online. Thank you for helping me further my Christmas gift endeavors and posting this on Facebook!