Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 Christmas mantles

Katie and I were playing around with my mantles this week. We came up with 3 different mantles that I liked for different reasons.

The first had a simple, fun, vintage and COLORFUL theme.

I used some letters I bought at the last barn sale to spell noel, and used vintage Christmas lights I found at Goodwill in Mesa. It was a little too colorful for me though.

The second was all white and green.

I ran by Home Depot last week and picked up some Christmas tree clippings from the garden section (they give them away for free) and stacked some white frames in the back to give it a little depth. Still wasn't really feeling it...

The third hit the spot for me. It's more romantic/ antique.

I had a beautiful antique ceiling tin I was trying to find the perfect spot for. I got the garland from Hobby Lobby and found some other goodies from around the house to put on it.

 I made the stockings out of rugs from Ikea. They're $3.99 per rug and got 3 peices (1 1/2 stockings) out of each. I used burlap ribbon for the top. I have to warn you though, if you decide to do this, the rug frays like crazy so either use no fray, surge the edges, or zig zag like crazy when you sew them. Or a combination of all of those just to be safe. It's a great inexpensive way to get nice thick stockings though. They had them in multiple colors and stripes as well.


  1. i LOVE the stockings- great idea! and that second mantle is my favorite, but they are all pretty and unique!

  2. They all looked pretty but the third is my favorite too! Beautiful!! Martina

  3. You are amazing. These look fabulous!!

  4. The third mantle is totally you! Love it! Awesome stockings too!!!

  5. That is cool! I usually find that ikea things are good to make into other things. Haha. Very cute! And a very lovely mantle!

    If Work Permits

  6. Those stockings are great! How clever, I love it!