Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New paint and chandeliers

Thanksgiving weekend was a productive one here. My lover hung a couple chandeliers over my dining table, we finished painting the great room and we only had one casualty! My four year old fell off the 3rd step of the ladder and broke his arm. I am, as we speak, trying desperately to keep him off the trampoline until we can at least get the hard cast put on. I'm sure it's just the first of many broken bones with 3 rowdy boys.

Here's a picture of the new color in our great room and the chandeliers. I absolutely love how much light it brings into the room. The paint color is a perfect grayish tan. It's called wheat bread from Behr.

My bestie Katie is here for a couple weeks. We've been busy breaking up fights between our kids and crafting. Her visits always go by way too fast. Today we're working on a fun Christmas mantle posting for later this week today and heading out to Ikea for a client. Should be a good day!


  1. Beautiful! The chandeliers look fabulous, and I love the paint choice! :) Hope your little one heals quickly!

  2. Your dining room looks so gorgeous!! I just love the look of two chandeliers in the room. I never would have thought to do that. Have fun with your bestie!

  3. I spent way too much time looking for pants in this picture.

  4. Even though I would have loved to see the chandeliers lower...rule of decorating 36 inches above the table. However you have hit it out of the park, beautiful paint color and I have vintage chandy's just like these. Love your look...beautiful.