Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Mantle

I don't know what kind of bug has bitten me, but I can't WAIT to decorate for Christmas this year. And you better believe I'm starting it on November 1st at 12:01 am. I already have an amazing plan for my mantle. But unfortunately, fall comes before winter so I have decorated my mantle first with Autumn in mind.

I try my hardest to decorate using things I already have. Moving decorative items around the house keeps my many, many personalities happy. A vignette I like one week, I may hate the next. So musical decorating is the name of my game. I kept the saying on the chalk board simple and to the point. It's something I have to remember every time I'm cleaning pb&j's off the ceiling. Be. Grateful. Here are things I'm grateful for today.

I am a stay at home mom thanks to my hard working husband. Everything I do on the side is for fun, not as a necessity.

I am a parent to 4 very sweet children who love me. Sometimes a little too much. Even bathroom breaks require an audience.

I have a huge house with AIR CONDITIONING. Very grateful for that today. October 1st. 100 degrees out still. 

I used some extra burlap ribbon I had to add texture and interest. I didn't want to cut it so I folded it and rolled up the rest, hiding it behind the floral picture I bought at a flea market.

The garland was made out of a bag of mini pinecones I bought a while back from hobby lobby. It was a couple of dollars for a bag and I just wrapped string around them. I didn't even glue it. Everything else was stuff I had shoved in my ridiculously over crowded craft closet. That I still need to finish cleaning out.

So today, count your blessings not your burdens.