Sunday, October 28, 2012

Favorite barn sale purchase

I usually spend more money than I make at the dang junkrestore markets. My husband figures I basically just end up trading stuff around. At least he doesn't put up a fight about it.

I really couldn't pass up these lockers. I imagined them with a beautiful Christmas wreath and grabbed the tag before the sale even opened. There were two sets and my sister ended up with the other. I'm sure they'll make it back together at some point in their lives.

On a different note, I can't wait until the day after Halloween so I can start putting up Christmas stuff. Everyone thinks I'm crazy and I just tell them I do it for the readers. It takes me a couple of weeks to set up everything, and then another week to photograph and blog about it. So by the time it's all done it's already Thanksgiving.

So thanks blogging world for giving me an excuse to enjoy Christmas for an extra month!


  1. What a great piece! It can go in so many different places in your beautiful home!

  2. I LOVE it! Great for storage too.
    I have a Q for you. Is your old house still being rented? I finished ours...and when I say finished, I mean I renovated every detail myself! I LOVE renovating, so it was fun and I love our house, but it's time to renovate another.....and I'd like some rental income off of this one because it's not selling. So I'm wondering, how is it renting something you've worked so hard on? Are your renters nice to it? Are you comfortable with it? Thanks for any info, --Katie