Friday, June 11, 2010

Bathroom vanity...


Well, I'm not quite done with this project but I thought I'd post a little teaser. This is my guest bathroom. I want to refinish my kitchen cabinets and thought I'd try it out in my bathroom first so I don't mess up all my cabinets. I like them so far, I just need to get some more knobs and finish painting the walls. I only have from about 7:30 pm till I pass out at 11pm to work on projects like this so the babies won't get in the way. Because if I can't figure out how to get into a gallon of paint, my two year old will in record time.


  1. Hot diggity dog! that is the bomb! I have toyed around with the idea of doing mine similar. Love the beadboard insert. Your work is splendid!

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see the complete reveal!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the way your cabinets turned out. That paint treatment is awesome, and I love the bin pulls!! I wish I could see more of your bathroom, though... :)
    I found you through Donna's SNS link party. I love your blog and am a new follower.
    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!
    ~ Jo

  4. Super cute! It's amazing what you can do!

  5. Dude. That looks FANTASTIC. I really really love it, you did such a good job!