Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Light Fixture

So I've had this idea in my head forever for a light fixture. I've seen tons of ball jars with candles in them but I wanted to actually wire a light bulb into the jar. So my sweet husband helped me rig this one when he was home for leave. And six weeks later, it's finally above my sink.

*I don't speak electric lingo so if you do and hate when people have absolutely no idea what they're talking about, skip this part.*

First I took a 1x6 and beat the crap out of it and stained it with a walnut stain. Then I took apart an old chandelier and used the sockets (part the bulb screws into?) and wire for the new fixture. We screwed holes into the top of the zinc lids on a ball jar and used nuts to hold the socket and wire tight to the lid. Then we used epoxy paste and screws to attach the lids to the board. I didn't have a light wired for above my sink so I just used an old extension cord, wired it to the old chandelier sockets and ran it through some eye hooks and plugged it in to the other side of the pantry. I used rope and wrapped it around to hide the extension cord wire but I don't really like it so that'll probably change.

Do you think fire insurance has a home made light fixtures clause if my house burns to the ground?


  1. I don't speak electricaleze, but I understand "beat the crap out of it" perfectly. Do it all the time...just part of the business, right?
    Clever idea and just don't tell the insurance company...deny...deny...deny!