Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ok, here it is...

I promised I would post pictures of this cabinet I bought for Paysen's room. It was a splurge considering I wouldn't even think about buying a piece this big for more than $100. But I saw it over a year ago, fell in love, and of course didn't buy it. The owners took it out of the shop, Lizabel's Treasures, and I had to chase it down. But I had no such luck. So a year later I saw an ad on Craigslist saying he had a booth at Lizabel's a while back and I called hoping it was the same guy. It was, and he still had the cabinet! I told my husband it was a sign and we had to bring it home to live with us.
It's a perfect shade of light pink with a hint of blue showing through. But it completely clashes with the room color now, which is a different light pink with dark pink scallops and an antique white on the top. I'm thinking a very light beige is the only thing that will work. What do you say?
It has tons of storage underneath for shoes and toys and all things cluttery

And the thick egg and dart molding really does top it off. I'm so glad it lives with me now.

Also, I have to brag about the new antique store that opened up just outside of Sedona. It's called Cobblestone Antiques and my sister Tara and Mom have a booth there. They had 3 or four really cute scales. That's where I scored this beauty...

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